Of all the hamster breeds that exist, only a few varieties are actually suitable as pets. One of the most popular pet types is the Syrian variety, which sadly is believed to have become extinct in its wild habitat since the 1980s, meaning that the pet Syrians hold the key to the breed’s future. Other breeds originate from China and Russia – these include the Roborovski Hamster and the aptly named Chinese Hamster.
1-4 years
0.13 kgs (0.3 lbs)
Hamsters come in long and short-haired varieties. In both cases the fur is soft and dense.
Overall, hamsters are good natured and sociable creatures. With adequate handling and contact, they will become accustomed to the sound of their owner’s voice. They are generally friendly and while they can be active, they also enjoy their sleep – indeed many varieties are nocturnal, which means they will be far more active at night
Chestnut brown, cream, white, ginger, apricot. Some are white, some have a dorsal stripe and some have a pale underside.
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