Ferrets are members of the Mustela family and related to otters. It is thought they were introduced to this country by the Romans as a domesticated animal, having been selectively bred from the wild polecat. Ferrets have behavioral differences from their wild cousins and are not born hunters. If released into the wild, they rarely survive and often die from starvation.
5-11 years
1.5 kgs (3.3 lbs)
Soft and not too dense.
Ferrets need regular handling to keep them tame and they also need companionship. They are best kept in pairs of the same sex from the same litter. Alternatively they can be kept in small groups, i.e. one hob (male) and two jills (females) – in this instance it is essential to get them neutered! Ferrets love to play and most cat toys are safe for them but double check before you buy them. They love toys with bells and four-inch plastic pipes and plant pots will provide hours of fun.
Ferrets come in a variety of colours including: white, silver, sable, chocolate, cinnamon and champagne.
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