While the exact details of this breed’s origins are a little unclear what is known is that these low-slung dogs originated in France. Indeed the Basset’s name describes its appearance with ‘bas’ meaning ‘low’ in French so the word ‘Basset’ literally means ‘low set’. It’s thought that a forbearer of the Basset first appeared in Britain in the Victorian era and is then believed to have been crossed with a bloodhound, which gave rise to the British type of Basset Hound. These distinctive long, low canines, part of the scent hounds’ group and a slow but steady hunter, are one of the most recognised and well known of all dog breeds. This is not surprising given that they have been depicted in numerous advertisements and there was even a cartoon about an eponymous Basset named Droopy.
10-12 years.
33 to 38 cms (12-14 inches).
23 to 28 kgs (50-62 lbs)
Smooth, course and short
These are short-legged, sturdy dogs with a long, deep body
Known to their fans as the ‘armchair athlete’ because of the habit of lounging around the house, it is important that a pet Basset Hound be given sufficient exercise, otherwise they can be prone to weight-gain. Overall, this breed is very placid and easy-going. This is a hardy, extremely devoted dog, which makes this breed an excellent pet for households with children.
Most commonly Bassets are tricolour – black, tan and white.
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