The Cross
Golden Retriever cross with Labrador Retriever
10-14 years
50-63 cms (20-25 inches)
11-15 kgs (25-35 lbs)
By and large the Goldador has the coat of the Labrador without the length and feathering of its Golden Retriever parent. Therefore, the coat is smooth, course and short. A special feature is that it has two layers, a short dense top layer with a second waterproof undercoat.
The Goldador resembles it’s Lab parent more than its Golden Retriever parent therefore it has a solid muscular body, a broad head and a thick nose.
Like both parents, the Goldador is happy, outgoing and loving dog. It thrives on family life and is also highly devoted and loyal. This corss is also extremely willing to please and enjoys regular training as it’s bright and confident.
Cream, yellow and gold with any shade in between – rarely, they are red.
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