Despite what its name indicates, this super-size canine did not originate from Denmark. This breed, also called ‘Deutsche Dogge’ and ‘German Mastiff’, traces its history back to Germany and its original use was to hunt large game and wild boar. It’s believed that the Great Dane’s ancestors were detailed on tombs dating back to 2000BC – these dogs had shorter legs and their bodies were thicker set. The UK’s first Great Dane club was started 1885 and two years later the breed was registered in America.
7-10 years
Height is not less than 76 cms (29 inches) in the male, and the bitches, no less than 71 cm (27 inches).
Minimum weight is 54 kgs (119 lbs) for dogs, and 46 kgs (101 lbs) for bitches.
This breed has a short and sleek coat.
These are very muscular, deep-chested canines.
A massive dog, spirited and courageous, with a proud dignified bearing, it is little wonder the Great Dane is considered the king of dogs. Aloof in the company of strangers and ready to attack if the need arises, the Dane is nevertheless the gentlest and kindest of dogs with its own family and friends.
Ultra loyal, dependable and devoted in the extreme, they are very fond of children and will automatically look after them. Regular exercise and training is essential for these dogs, as is special care and feeding for a growing puppy.
This breed comes in brindle, fawn, blue, black, mantle (black and white with a solid covering of black and a white muzzle, collar and chest – as pictured) and harlequin (all white with black or blue patches).
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