Ancestors of the Schnauzer, which looked similar to the modern day dog, have been noted in works of art dating back to the 15th century. It’s believed that the Giant Schnauzer was created by crossing of the Standard Schnauzer with a larger dog; this was possibly the Bouvier des Flandres – another giant of the canine world. Like it’s standard and miniature counterparts, the Giant Schnauzer was developed in Germany.
9-11 years
60-70 cms (23-27 inches)
40-45 kgs (88-99 lbs)
This breed has a double layered coat – the top layer is course and wiry.
These powerful and robust dogs are well muscled and have a square sort of appearance.
Energetic and full of life, these dogs need to be trained from an early age, particularly when you factor in the fact that they can also be very headstrong. Extremely loyal and enjoying everything that an active family life has to offer, these canines make excellent guard dogs and pets.
Black, iron grey and pepper and salt (where every single hair is tinged with black and white).
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