The Boxer’s ancestry dates back to the Mollassian Hound, an ancient Greek fighting and herding dog, which was of Mastiff descent. In Germany this Hound became known as the Bullenbeisser and then diverged into two types – the Danziger and the Brabanters. Due to its smaller size and faster speed, the Brabanter grew to be the more popular of the two and also the dog from which the Boxer originated. The early genealogy of the Boxer began in Munich in the early 18th century. A Brabanter was bred with a dog of unknown ancestry resulting in the birth of a male, fawn and white puppy. His offspring was a bitch calledAltsshecken. She was then bred with an English Bulldog called Tom and they produced a puppy named Flocki. Following a win at a dog show in Munich, Flocki became the first ever Boxer to be recorded in the German studbook and is therefore highly significant in the breed’s history. Nevertheless Flocki’s sister was even more important – she gave birth to a bitch puppy that is considered to be the mother of the breed.
9-12 years
58-63 cms (22-24 inches)
25-32 kgs (11-14 lbs)
This breed has a short, fine coat.
The Boxer is a muscular dog with tight skin and an amazing square shaped head, which is well in proportion to its slender body. It has a short nose and the top of the muzzle is broad, deep and slightly pushed in. The jaw line is undershot creating an under bite of the lower jaw; sometimes this can be fairly severe resulting in a row of teeth getting caught in the jowls. The ears are set wide apart facing forward on the highest point of the skull. The Boxer has a slightly sloped stomach, and a well-angulated rear for power. When it moves its back remains level for efficiency and stamina.
The Boxer is a faithful, loyal and loving family pet – alert and courageous it willingly protects the family and home. This is likely to link back to their roots as guard and protecting dogs. A cheery disposition, curious nature, amusing facial expressions and general enthusiasm for life further ensure it is a highly desirable breed.
The Boxer comes in three colours: fawn brindle and white.
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