Originally used to drive and guard cattle by the Romans (approximately two millennia ago), this breed has enjoyed a long history involving a lot of hard work! They found their way to Switzerland when the Romans occupied that country. The breed largely developed in the mountainous district of Bern (Switzerland’s capital city) – hence the name.
9-12 years
58-70 cms (22-27 inches)
32-54 kgs (70-120 lbs)
The coat is of medium length and silky with a slight wave, and needs only a small amount of daily grooming.
This giant canine is very stocky and has a thick bone; it’s compact with a deep, broad chest.
The Bernese is self-confident, good natured, friendly and fearless but not aggressive.
A kind and devoted dog, it is essential that they are made part of the family.
Generally, tricolour: jet black, chestnut and white
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