Its name and its coat give clues to its origin. This hardy little breed, from Tibet, had to survive the harsh weather conditions associated with the Himalayas. This breed was registered with the Kennel Club in the 1930s.
11-15 years
An average dog measures 35-40 cms (14 to 16 inches) at the shoulder. The females may be slightly smaller.
9 to 13 kgs (19-28 lbs)
Long, adundant and flowing.
This is a solid mid-sized dog with a square outline.
The Tibetan Terrier is a loving and affectionate family dog, they are versatile and make intelligent companions. They may be wary of strangers and are very sound sensitive making them excellent guarding dogs.
The breed can be found in many solid, bicolours and tricolours in any one or a mixture of white, cream, black, gold, red and silver.
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