The Chinese, the countrymen of the place from which this breed developed, referred to this canine as ‘little lion dog’. Incidentally the name is pronounced ‘Sheed Zou’. They even clipped these small pooches to make them appear more lion-like. They have enjoyed a long association with royalty, which dates back to the Ming Dynasty era (14th-16th century).
10-14 years
23 to 26 cms (9-10 inches)
4.5 to 8kg (9-17 lbs)
Fluffy, soft, abundant long and flowing – absolutely a candidate for a regular grooming regime!
Sturdy and broad chested – this little canine makes an effective guard dog.
Standoffish with strangers, the Shih Tzu makes a very effective little watchdog, as well as being a sensitive and devoted pet.
Often with a white tip on its tail, this breed comes in all sorts of colours including tricolours of cream, tan and black.
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