This breed comes from China although its exact origins are unclear. Some believe it may be a distant relative of the chow chow (both share the traits of having a bluish-black tongue and a dinstinctly curled tail). Others claim that ancestors of the modern Shar Pei date back to the Han Dynasty (circa 200BC). Either way, it’s thought to have served as a guard dog.
8-11 years
43-53 cms (17-21 inches)
17-26 kgs (37-57 lbs)
The Shar Pei’s coat is coarser than you might expect. It’s also short and dense.
This is a broad chested canine with a relatively short back. It’s strong and powerful with a reasonably muscular build.
The Shar-Pei has an independent nature; it may seem uninterested in other people around them and cautious with other animals.
Obedience training is necessary for this breed and requires patience from the owner as they tend to be rather stubborn. Obviously, a distinct chacterstic is it’s loose and wrinkly skin.
Comes in all sorts of solid colours, usually ranging from fawn to chocolate.
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