The exact origins of the Standard Poodle is unclear but what is known is that the breed has a long-standing association with France. It is also believed to have been popular as a retrieving dog in Germany, yet it has not made it’s way into the British Kennel Club’s Gundog category (one of the definition of which is that it includes dogs that have been used to retrieve game.) Historically, the Standard Poodle, which pre-existed the toy and miniature varieties, actually has had a whole host of functions attributed to it; these include roles as guard and military dogs. It is also probably for this reason that the breed has earned a place in the utility dog category.
9-15 years
38-53 cms (15-21 inches)
99-143 kgs (45-65 lbs)
The poodle’s coat is profuse, curly and extremely dense with a relatively rough texture. It’s not just the curls that make the poodle’s coat unusual, it also doesn’t moult.
Although this breed may appear to be quite chunky, they are more svelte than they appear owing to their abundant coats. Nevertheless, these are strong muscular dogs.
The Standard Poodle loves to gallop and play, and will happily take as much exercise as you like to give them. They are bold and assertive, making alert watchdogs and highly intelligent companions.
This breed only comes in solid colours including black, white, silver, blue red, apricot, cream and brown.
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