There are a few schools of thought surrounding the origins of the Pug. A short nosed ancestor is believed to have existed in Asia in approximately 400 BC. During the time of the Tang Dynasty, these canines were popular as gifts. This theory also gives rise to the idea that the pug is a relative of the Pekingese but another notion is that it developed from a Bulldog. Whatever its origin, by the 1700s, it was a popular with European royalty. In the UK, the first Pug Club was established in the 1880s.
14-16 years
30 to 33 cms (11-12 inches)
6 to 8 kgs (13-17 lbs)
The Pug has a coat that’s fine, sleek, short and soft.
Stocky and sturdy, this is a tough little dog, which from a front-on view is quite broad.
The Pug enjoys fetching a ball or playing with you, but does not require extensive exercise. This dapper little character can be somewhat headstrong, but this breed’s impish charm more than compensates making it easy to spoil them, which they naturally accept as their rightful due!
Cream, fawn, black and apricot. Pale dogs also have black ears.
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