Like many dogs in this group, this breed, which was created in Germany, had the purpose of catching vermin. In addition, with its diminutive size, it made an excellent mini companion. Appropriately, this breed is also referred to as ‘Mini Pin’.
11-13 years
25-30 cms (10-12 inches)
3-4 kgs (8-10 lbs)
Soft, sleek, flat, short and smooth.
This dog may be small but it is very athletic and well toned, which creates quote a sturdy little canine.
This is a lively, active breed, which responds well to affection. These dogs tend to become attached to one owner, therefore an effort should be made to expose the dog to several other people and regular human handling.
Discipline is essential and training should start at approximately three to six months of age. They are keen watchdogs and can be as aggressive as a large dog.
This breed comes in all dark hues – chocolate, black and steel grey – with striking tan markings.
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