This breed is also known as ‘Continental Toy Spaniel’, ‘Squirrel Spaniel’, ‘Spanish Dwarf Spaniel’ and also ‘Butterfly Dog’ – indeed, ‘papillon’ is the French word for ‘butterfly’. This also provides a clue to its origin and reflects one of its most distinctive physical attributes – the large, wing-like ears. It’s rumoured that this small breed was given its name by one of its more famous owners – Marie Antoinette. Ancestors of the Papillon were actually first noted in Italy as long ago as the 13th century but it was the French who developed the breed.
14-16 years
20-28 cms (8-11 inches)
3 kgs (6.6 lbs)
Abundant, long, silky flowing single layered coat.
This is a dainty but hardly little dog with a slight built. It is an elegant breed with a long and level top line.
As pets they are delightful, being lively, irrepressible and affectionate, and liking nothing better than being in the company of those to whom they becomes firmly attached.
This breed is white with patches of pretty much any colour – there are also tricolours of black, white and tan.
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