This British breed, also known as the ‘English Bull Terrier’, was originally bred for fighting and this canine has been around since the mid 19th century. There is also a miniature version of this breed.
11-13 years.
48-53 cms (19-21 inches)
Average weight for a bitch is 20 to 23 kgs (44-50 lbs), 20 to 25 kgs (44-55 lbs) for a dog, although these may vary.
Short, dense, coarse and flat.
The ‘bull’ part of the name may describe their bullish attitude or it may allude to this breed’s build – these are strong, well built canines.
These dogs adapt well to most environments, they are strongly built, thoroughly determined, and tend to think of themselves as human. They are possessive of their family and are totally distrustful of strangers.
Often predominantly white with black, grey, tan, fawn and brindle markings, usually on the head. These are tricoloured examples too.
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