This is one of the most well-known breeds and it has been used widely in advertisements. As the name indicates this is a British breed with historical records showing its existence dates from the 18th century. During the mid 1700s there was even a tax exemption granted for owners of these dogs, which drove herds to market. It’s also believed that farmers’ wives not only fashioned garments from sheep’s wool but that they also incorporated clippings from these dogs’ incredible coats. In 1873, the breed made its first appearance in a dog show in Britain and by 1888 it was registered by the American Kennel Club.
12-15 years.
They stand at approximately 56-66 cms (22-25 inches) at the shoulder.
32-45 kgs (70-99 lbs)
This breed has a double-layered weather-proof coat. The top layer is plentiful and shaggy and of quite a harsh texture.
This is a big-boned, squat square looking dog, which is incredibly sturdy. It’s body is short and solid.
The Old English Sheepdog has a sweet, affectionate, laid-back temperament which fits easily into any family situation, making them extremely reliable children's playmates or household companions.
A quiet, easy-going dog by nature, they are nevertheless a good watchdog when required, and are not given to straying or fighting. They get on well with other dogs, but above all else thrive on human companionship, often acting more like a four-legged person than a dog.
They come in all shades of grey and blue – some also have white markings and/or socks.
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