The exact roots of the Briard are unclear. Nevertheless there is evidence to support the fact that the breed’s heritage is closely linked with France. It’s thought that this canine was created from the cross breeding of herding and guarding dogs and that the early Briard was first created in the French province of Brie, which makes sense given its name. Famous French owners include Lafayette and Napoleon. This brave breed is also reputed to have assisted the French Army as a search and rescue and messenger dog.
9-13 years
55-68 cms (22 to 27 inches)
30-45 kgs (66-99 lbs)
This breed’s coat can measure up to 7cms (3 inches) in length – it’s flowing and plentiful.
These solid, strong and muscular dogs are very well built and stand square.
Briard's are instinctively protective, which generally makes them good guard dogs. They are highly intelligent, devoted and loyal, if bred for companions they exhibit a very loving nature, but can be timid with strangers.
Fawn, tawny, grey or black – sometimes with white hairs too.
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