The Border Collie has been called many different names throughout history, such as, ‘Working Collie’, ‘Old Fashioned Collie’, ‘Farm Collie’ and ‘English Collie’. James Reid who was the secretary of the international sheepdog society officially named the breed the Border Collie in 1915. The name was aptly given to the breed as it worked the borders between England and Scotland, in particular Northumbria. Interestingly in old Gaelic the word Collie was a rural term for anything useful, hence Collie dog or useful dog.
12-15 years
Dogs: 48-55 cms (19-22 inches)
Bitches: 45-53 cms (18–21 inches)
11-29 kgs (25-65 lbs)
The Border Collie’s coat abundant, long and soft. The climate on the border regions could be bitter so a hardy dog was needed. Collies have a double coat in order to bear the cold.
Border Collies are medium sized dogs and can weigh anywhere between 11 and 29kgs (25-65 lbs). Their bone structure can be lightweight through to heavy boned and they have a distinctive long tail reaching to at least its hock, which is carried low or raised when excited and is never carried over the back. Its ear carriage can be pricked, dropped or one of each.
Highly intelligent with an instinct to herd and work. Needs training and mental stimulation from an early age, as some under-challenged collies can become neurotic. Border Collies are also known for being incredibly loyal.
Black and white is most common but Border Collies can also come in red and white, tri-colour, liver, blue merle, red merle and yellow or white with small amounts of black or red.
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