Interestingly while this breed’s name may not appear to give a direct clue to its origin, it does describe what this dog does best: to ‘whip it’ means to move at lightening speeds! This breed was developed during the Victorian era as a hunting dog, following the cross breeding of a Greyhound and an Italian Greyhound (which is much smaller). Some suggest that the whippet also carries the genes of a long-legged terrier that ended up in the mix somewhere along the line!
12-16 years
Bitches: 45-53 cms (18 to 21 inches)
Dogs: 48-55 cms (19 to 22 inches)
Bitches: 10 kgs (22 lbs)
Dogs: up to 17 kgs (37 lbs)
The coat is smooth, fine and close and this breed does not moult.
This is an extremely elegant, well toned and athletic canine with a markedly muscular build. Front on, this deep-chested dog is relatively broad. It atypically has a distinctly arched loin with robust quarters – the dog’s powerhouse!
As puppies, Whippets can be very active and destructive, but with the correct guidance they mature into delightful companions and excellent house dogs. This breed is clean and easy to train. Although adaptable to town and country life, plenty of exercise is essential.
The whippet comes in many colours (solid or mixed) including: white, black, red, fawn, grey and blue. Brindle and tiger markings are also common.
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