Throughout history these regal dogs have been favoured by Pharoahs and Kings. As long ago as 4000BC, Egyptian, African and Asian leaders had images of similar-looking, which were used to course game, etched into their tombs. When they reached Britain, just prior to Norman the Conqueror’s infamous invasion in 1066, greyhounds continued to enjoy a relationship with the upper echelons of society and were even depicted in Henry VIII’s Coats of Arms. They were used for coursing hare as a sporting event and over time this developed into racing with the introduction of the artificial hare in 1912. With its racing heritage, the greyhound became renowned for its athleticism and speed.
11-13 years
A mature dog measures 68-76 cms (27-30 inches) in height. Bitches come in at 68-72 cms (27-28 inches).
30-35kgs (66-77 lbs).
Smooth, fine and close
This is a very well toned, athletic dog with a markedly muscular build. This deep-chested dog atypically has a distinctly arched loin with robust quarters.
Loyal, intelligent, very sensitive and unaggressive – this breed’s quality as a companion dog is unsurpassed. If properly exercised, they can be a quiet and agreeable pet, although they can be quite reserved with strangers. This breed is also associated with stamina and speed.
Red, blue, black, fallow, fawn and brindle. All of these colours can be mixed with white patches and greyhounds also come in all white.
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