The Beagle’s earliest ancestors are believed to have hunted with the Ancient Greeks in circa 400.B.C. The next point in history that there’s reference to the Beagle’s forefathers is in 1066 when, during the Norman Conquest, Talbot hounds were brought from France to England. The Talbot Hound was father to a number of dogs including the Foxhound and a variety of other beagle-type dogs. It was until Victorian times that the Beagle, as we know it today, was firmly established.
12-16 years
33 and 40 cm (12-15 inches) at the shoulder
12 to 14 kgs (26-30 lbs)
The Beagle boasts a weatherproof coat, which is close, short and dense.
This is a sturdy little hound with a borad chest that narrows to the abdomen.
Friendly, playful and eager to please, the Beagle can nevertheless be somewhat willful. With great stamina, determination and a definite mind of its own, this picturesque and personality-plus little hound does have a tendency to roam.
They are lively, active and extremely intelligent, making a devoted friend and companion. Good-natured and steady in temperament, the Beagle has an engaging demeanour, which endears him to children and adults alike.
Tan, lemon, black and white (two-tone and tri-coloured) – often with a white-tipped tail.
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