The Weimeraner has been around since at least the 17th century. Indeed, when celebrated artist, Van Dyck created his portrait of Prince Rupert in circa 1630, there is by the prince’s side, a canine that looks almost identical to the modern-day Weimeraner. This also depicts the breed’s long-term association with nobility.
12-14 years
66-71 cms (26-28 inches)
24-33 kgs (52-72 lbs)
The Weimaraner’s coat is smooth and sleek.
Noble, athletic and powerful, these dogs are of a muscular build. The length of this breed’s body matches that of it’s height to the wither.
This breed is cheerful, affectionate and stubborn and these dogs require a lot of exercise. Adults tend to be hyperactive but enjoy being part of a family. It is reported that two adult males will not tolerate each other and can fight viciously.
Grey, silver, blue, mouse, liver and roe.
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