There is some debate regarding the origin of this breed. Some believe it was developed during the last century. Others, however, feel that it’s ancestry can be dated to circa 1010 AD, as primitive art from the same period shows Hungarian hunting folk using dogs, which could have been the forefathers of this breed. Either way, it’s now part of the Gundog Group owing to its formidable retrieving skills.
10-14 years
54-64 cms (21-25 inches)
20-30 kgs (44-66 lbs)
This breed boasts a coat that is shiny, sleek, short and dense.
Athletic, muscular and elegant, this breed is broad and toned and has a prominent chest bone.
The Vizsla is a calm, sensitive affectionate dog with a keen sense of smell, they have excess energy and if confined will become a nuisance.
Gold through to chestnut red – some also have small white markings.
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