Dubbed the ‘father’ of the Golden Retriever, it’s Sir Dudley Majorbanks (Lord Tweedmouth) who’s responsible for the creation of the Golden Retriever, after he undertook a well-documented breeding programme. In the mid 19th century, he crossed a blonde retriever dog with a Tweedwater spaniel and then, during a programme that lasted for two decades, he introduced Labrador Retrievers and Red Setters to the mix to create the Golden Retriever, which then gained recognition as a breed in its own right in the early 20th century.
12-15 years
51 to 61 cms (20-24 inches)
27 to 36 kgs (59-79 lbs)
Long, wavy, soft and feathered, the Golden Retriever’s coat is doubled layered, meaning that it’s also weatherproof.
This is a reasonable well-built breed; it’s muscular and has a level topline.
Intelligent, ultra-sensitive, and very responsive to training, this breed excels at obedience. The Golden Retriever can always be relied upon to act in a gentlemanly fashion, with their beautiful manners and endearing demeanour, winning friends wherever they go.
An active breed, they need plenty of exercise, and are best suited to a well-fenced house or property.
Yellow, gold through to red, with any shade in between; sometimes with white hairs on its chest.
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