The German Shorthaired Pointer originated, as its name suggests, from Germany and was first registered in the German kennel club stud books in 1872. It took some time before the breed became popular in England. It wasn’t until 1951 that English owners who had returned from service in Germany with their dogs, founded the first German Shorthaired Pointer Club. In 1954 the Kennel Club recognised and registered the German Shorthaired Pointer as a separate breed and in 1955 it was granted Championship Status. Subsequently, further separate classes were provided for the breed to compete in. The German Shorthaired Pointer now enjoys wide popularity in the UK, and is considered a wonderful pet and competent working dog.
10-12 years
53-63 cms (21-25 inches)
20-30 kgs (44-66 lbs)
This breed has a wonderfully rustic coat, which is short, thick and coarse to the touch.
The German Shorthaired Pointer is a well-balanced dog of graceful proportion. It’s reasonably thick set but also shapely and athletic.
This is an extremely active dog requiring much exercise. With its love of human company and its keen ability to please, the Shorthair makes a wonderful household companion to the whole family. Its intelligence ensures that it succeeds as a working gundog while its affectionate disposition makes it a lovely family pet. Any owner will appreciate the Pointer’s guarding ability; although an amiable dog with no overt tendency towards aggression, the Shorthair shows a valued reserve when meeting strangers, preferring to take stock of the new visitor before a race of affection.
The colour of coat can vary from solid liver or any form of liver and white, such as liver spotted, to black and black and white, although in the show ring black or tan markings will be disqualified.
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