As the first part of its name (i.e. ‘Cocker’) denotes, this breed’s original purpose was for hunting and retrieving woodcock. This is also what’s earned this dog’s place within the gundog category. The second part of its name also gives a clue to its origin – the word ‘spaniel’ derives from the Spanish word ‘Espagnol’, which means ‘Spanish’. This breed’s forbearers were noted as far back as 14th century Spain.
13-15 years
38 cms (15 inches)
13 kgs (28 lbs)
Abundant, silky and flat with feathered legs.
This is a compact and stocky little breed, which makes an exceptionally well-balanced dog. It has a muscular neck and is well-boned.
This breed is known to be very intelligent, but possessive aggression has also been noted. Nevertheless, owing to its brainpower and its eagerness to please, this breed is very quick to learn and therefore easy to train. These canines make loyal, friendly companions and like to be kept busy.
There are various colours, which come in solid, roan and tri-colour varieties – sometimes with white on the chest. These include red, black, blue, brown, liver and orange and brown.
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