The Persian is one of the oldest breeds, originating in Persia (modern Iran). They were first brought to Europe in the seventeenth century when a Roman nobleman was invited to stay with the Persian Shah Abbas the Great. The cats that enchanted him and that he took back to Italy were the first longhair cats to be seen in Europe and were much prized and desired – as they still are today.
13-16 years
Medium to large
3.5-7.5kg (8-17lbs)
Luxurious, long, thick, dense and soft coat
The Persian is stout and solid with a large body
This breed is peaceful and companionable, and one of the least energetic breeds. It is also very sociable and affectionate, and gets on well with other cats, dogs and children.
Persians can be white, black, blue, chocolate and lilac, torties of these colours, red, cream, plus silver versions of all of these colours. These can be self, classic tabby, shaded/tipped, smoke, bicolour or colourpointed (Siamese pattern).
The Colourpoint Persian is known as the Himalayan in the USA.
The eye colour can be copper to gold in most colours, green in some silvers and tipped and blue in colourpoints. They may also be blue or odd-eyed in whites.
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