The Norwegian Forest Cat has been around for centuries. In Norse mythology, Thor, the mighty god of thunder, was unable to lift a large cat with a thick tail; Freya, the goddess of love and beauty, had cats pull her chariot. Is it the Norwegian Forest Cat in these ancient legends? Historians are unsure. The breeding programme to preserve the rugged beauty of the breed commenced around 1930.
9-15 years
Large (the females may be smaller)
3-9kg (7-20lbs)
Semi-longhaired, with a glossy top coat and an undercoat that needs regular grooming.
Taller than the Maine Coon with a long, solid, muscular body and broad chest.
This breed is easygoing, playful and friendly: very much like a non-pedigree cat in temperament and voice.
The Associations generally accept all patterns, colours and eye colours except for chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, colorpoint or Burmese-patterned.
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