According to legend, the Birman first came into existence in a temple in Burma built for Tsun Kyankse, the golden Goddess with sapphire-blue eyes. When a priest in the temple was murdered by intruders, a temple cat Sinh leapt upon his body, and was immediately transformed: his body took on a golden cast and his ears, nose, tail and legs darkened to an earthy brown; his feet, however, remained white where they touched the priest, and his eyes turned sapphire-blue, like the Goddess'. Thereafter all one hundred of the temple cats underwent the same transformation. It is said that the pair of cats that travellers brought to France were from this temple, and thus the breed was introduced to the West. However, it is likely that the Birman was actually the result of a cross between a Siamese with white paws and a Persian during the 1920s in Nice.
9-15 years
4.5-8kg (10-18lbs)
Longhaired, silky and in need of regular grooming.
Medium-limbed, strong with firm muscles, and quite long-bodied with moderately long legs.
This breed is well-balanced, playful and friendly towards other cats and dogs.
Siamese-patterned with white feet.
The darker markings can be seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac points, tortie points of these colours, red point, cream point and tabby points of all of these colours.
The eye colour should always be blue.
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