Mixed breed or non-pedigree cats are also affectionately known as ‘moggies’. This basically refers to a cat where the exact parentage is unknown, or it involves more than two different types of cat and the vast majority of cats in the UK fall into this group. While some purebred pedigree cats can suffer from health and behavioural problems associated with that particular breed, the wide pool of genes that’s found in a mixed breed can create a wonderfully balanced and well-adjusted cat with the characteristics of a whole spectrum of breeds.

Colour, coat, size, weight and so on will vary. The shorthair gene is dominant over longhair genes but mixed breed cats can have any kind of coat from a full spectrum of colours and patterns. The majority of cross breeds in the UK are of a medium size and build but differences occur when particular breeds are introduced into a line.

Most mixed breed cats are prolific hunters, provided the opportunity. Unwelcome as some of the 'presents' brought home may be, they are today's reminder of the mixed breeds origins as mousers.

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