Scottish Folds originate from a white female that was first noticed in Tayside, Scotland in 1961. This female, named Susie, gave birth to another white female with the same distinctive folded ears. This cat, named Snooks, was then bred with a British Shorthair and gave birth to a white male who was named Snowball, the first Scottish Fold. However, spine, leg and tail deformities appeared thereafter and the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy ceased registering the breed in 1973. The breed's originators took their Scottish Folds to the USA where, with a geneticist, they were outcrossed with British Shorthairs and these deformities bred out. The breed is now recognised by The International Cat Association but not by the UK Cat Fancy.
9-15 years
2.5-6 kg (6-13lbs)
Either short, thick and dense or semi-long: in either case the coat is fluffy.
Short and stocky
This breed is peaceful and friendly, and companionable with other cats and dogs. It is also good with children and very affectionate. Quiet-voiced.
All colours, eye colours and patterns (except for chocolate, lilac and Siamese-patterned)
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