The first Cornish Rex, named Kallibunker, was born in 1950 on a farm near Bodmin, Cornwall. His curly coat was the natural result of a natural mutation. Kallibunker's owner had bred Rex rabbits so realised that the recessive gene that caused the curly coat could be recreated by inbreeding and outcrossing to British Shorthairs and Burmese. The Cornish Rex has since also been outcrossed to Siamese and Oriental Shorthairs; nonetheless all Cornish Rex remain the relatives of Kallibunker.
9-15 years
2.5-4.5kg (6-10lbs)
Distinctive short and closely-waved coat with no guard hairs (and curly whiskers). Some cats, however, are born with a gene for straight hair and are considered less valuable.
Fine and quite delicate bone structure with a long body and legs, an arched back, and firm muscles
This breed is considered lively, friendly and inquisitive, and is also vociferous. Sociable, it is very good with other cats and also dogs, and dislikes solitude.
Cornish Rex can be any colour. The Siamese-patterned variety is called Si-Rex.
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