The name 'British Shorthair' emerged in the second half of the nineteenth century to distinguish the breed from foreign and oriental breeds but the breed itself is thought to be much older. Indeed short-haired cats appear in British engravings dated back to the Roman age. The blue British Shorthair closely resembles the Chartreux that originated in France and the two were frequently crossed. The other colour coats were the result of crosses with Persians.
9-15 years
Medium to large
4-8kg (9-18lbs)
Short, dense, crisp and well-bodied
This is a sturdy, compact breed with a broad chest, strong shoulders and short, strong legs.
This breed is known to be calm and somewhat independent: an easygoing, well-balanced cat that is also affectionate. They are good with other cats and dogs as well as children.
They can be white, black, blue, chocolate, lilac, torties of these colours, red, cream, plus silver versions of all of these colours. The patterns can be self, spotted tabby, mackerel tabby, classic tabby, tipped or smoke.
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