The Maine Coon is the USA's oldest breed. The breed originated in Maine on the Northeast Coast, where it is the official State Cat. The typical American domestic cat was a shorthair but in the Maine area, a type of cat with a shaggy, weatherproof coat was bred. There are various theories about where the breed's founders came from. The Vikings visited North America and may have brought the ancestors of today's Norwegian Forest Cats with them, to whom the Maine Coon bears a strong resemblance. Another theory is that the cats were brought to North America after Marie Antoinette made an attempt to escape from France during the French Revolution; it seems her belongings and her six Angora cats were loaded onto a boat bound for Wiscasset in Maine. The first record of a cat being referred to as a Maine Coon can be traced to 1861 and the early days of the American Cat Fancy. The breed was first imported into the UK in 1984.
9-15 years
Very large
4-10kg (9-22lbs)
The Maine Coon is semi-longhaired, with a glossy , waterproof top coat and an undercoat, needing regular grooming; the tail hair is long and abundant.
Medium type, big-boned and sturdy with a long body
Good-natured and kittenish, communicating with a chirruping trill.
Maine Coons can be white, black and blue, torties of these colours, red, cream, plus silver versions of all of these colours.
They can be self, mackerel tabby, classic tabby, shaded/tipped, smoke or bicolour.

The eye colour should be green to copper but may also be blue or odd-eyed in whites.
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