Angelfish are one of the most popular aquarium fish but many are territorial and require lots of space.
Starfish are compatible with most fishes and many species are commonly available.
Although beautiful, these are fiery fish that are not for novice keepers.
Marine fish keeping is often considered more challenging than freshwater fish keeping, however, with the right knowledge and equipment in place, it can be more rewarding than daunting.

The Aquarium

Marine aquariums have their own requirements distinct from freshwater aquariums. First of all, they must be larger as marine fish require more space than freshwater fish because many species are so territorial. Also, if the aquarium is too small, there will not be enough oxygen sustain all its occupants.

The water, of course, is saltwater rather than freshwater (a salt mix is added to the water). The specific gravity of the water should be 1.022-1.023. The water pH, hardness and alkalinity should also be constant and never fall below 8.2. Water temperatures should be set to 24-25oC for most species. A good quality thermometer will help you check.

Marine water needs to be matured before any fish or coral can live in it. Use a plastic bucket to mix and mature the water in before adding it to the aquarium. When you are setting up the tank for the first time, you will also need to mature the water in the filters before adding any fish or living coral.

Fish keepers concerned about keeping living coral alive can purchase realistic artificial coral heads that provide hiding places for fish and decoration for the aquarium.


Tropical fish require regular feeding to remain healthy, but they must not be over-fed. Specialist marine food should be fed.

Fish Species

Most marine fish are caught in the wild or there are about 20 species that are bred regularly in captivity along with farmed coral. One of the most popular marine species is the common Clownfish, followed by the Green Chromis, the Yellow Tang and the Coral Beauty.

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