Goldfish are not only gold – they can be red, orange, yellow, blue, brown or black or combinations of these colours.
These are fragile fish that require special care
The largest recorded size of a Koi Carp is 1.2m (4ft) long
Coldwater fish make ideal first pets as they don’t need walking or training, make no mess and, looked after properly, are smell-free too. The best known coldwater fish are goldfish, which have been kept for centuries.


Although goldfish have traditionally been kept in bowls, they will be much happier and live longer in a filtered aquarium. If their living space if too small, the fish will be cramped and the quality of the water will not be sufficient to sustain them.



The ideal garden pond will keep fish happy and healthy in water that is clear enough for the fishkeeper to see their fish. Keeping the pond water moving with a pump is one way to pump oxygen into the water. Also, do not be tempted to overstock the pond as too many fish in the water will reduce the oxygen levels. Remember to remove any leaves or debris that falls into the pond, trim back pond plants that become overbearing and change 10-20 per cent of the water regularly.


Flake or pellet foods are the usual feed for coldwater fish but do not be tempted to overfeed as uneaten food will contaminate the water. To vary their diet, frozen or treated bloodworm, daphnia or mosquito larvae can be fed but never feed live aquatic foods as parasites within them may cause problems in the aquarium or pond.

Breeds/ Types

The Common Goldfish, Comets, Sarasas, Shubunkins and Black Moors are good options for the coldwater aquarium. Koi Carp can grow very large and are best reserved for the pond.
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