These tree frogs reach an average size of 2.5 inches. They are nocturnal and close their eyes during the day, hiding in their tree’s foliage.
The red spots are a warning to potential predators that these newts secrete poison through their skin.
Amphibians can make very interesting, if somewhat challenging, pets. There are more than 4,400 species of amphibia in the world, which include frogs and toads, salamanders and caecilians (legless, burrowing, wormlike amphibians found in tropical regions). It is thought that amphibians evolved from fish some 400 million years ago and were the first vertebrates to move from the water to the land.


Enough water for swimming must be provided for aquatic amphibians but many amphibians will also require a ‘dry’ area – exact requirements will vary with the species but potential owners should ensure that they have a suitable space before purchasing pets. Many amphibians absorb impurities throught their skin so must their aquariums must be kept in immaculately clean. It is also essential that owners wash their hands before handling them and, with many amphibians, it is also necessary to wear latex gloves. Amphibians must be kept at the correct temperature as lower temperatures can seriously affect their health. The necessary equipment (thermostats, under-gravel heaters, aquarium heaters to heat the water plus UV lamps) must therefore be purchased. In order to create a humid atmosphere, a humidifier or pumped waterfall must also be installed. The water in the tank must also be kept moving and be filtered to prevent stagnation and regular partial changes made. Plants (both in and out of the water) are also important.
Different species have different feeding requirements. In general, they will eat small fish, insects, small vertebrates and various worms, which are available from specialist pet shops.
Breeds/ Types

Popular frogs include various bullfrogs (such as the African Bullfrog) and the Red-eyed Tree Frog. Cane toads are popular and the Fire-bellied Newts (especially the Japanese variety) are one of the most popular and commonly available newts. There are few different species of Salamander available to keep as pets but the Fire Salamander is one that has been captive-bred. Perhaps the most common caecilian is the Aquatic Caecilian (also known as the Rubber Eel), which can be kept in a tropical freshwater aquarium with most fish.

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